Oracle Audit Thermometer : Will you be audited?

Answer a YES or a NO to each of the questions below. Then tally the numbers to check your Oracle Audit Temperature.


  1. Have you undergone a hardware consolidation or infrastructure modernisation in the last 18 months?
  2. Are you using virtualisation software  such as VMware in your Oracle data centres?
  3. Do you have multiple production clones, staging areas and  other test/development environment?
  4. Do you use a third party outsourcer to manage your IT or that provides remote Database Administration services?
  5. Do you have any Oracle based Disaster Recovery environments?
  6. Do you have Named User Licences (NUPS)?
  7. Do you have any old license metrics? – check your support renewals and contracts to see if you are using old UPU metrics for Oracle Database
  8. Have you made any acquisitions, divestments or been involved in any mergers since your last purchase of Oracle products?
  9. Do you provide a chargeable service for customers that is powered by applications underpinned by Oracle products
  10. Do you have multiplexing scenarios?

Temperature Scale:

One YES  : Some Potential Risk

Six YES : Very high risk of an Oracle Audit

 This has been taken from an article by Madora Consulting. You can see the original at http://madora.co.uk/10-question-oracle-license-audit-thermometer/


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